Do You Need Permission to Start Selling Socially?

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Do You Need Permission to Start Selling Socially?

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There seems to be the feeling (excuses) in some circles that the reasons for not starting to implement a personal social selling program are somehow tied to …

  • Nobody else that I know is doing it
  • My company has not given me the o.k.
  • My boss is not leading the way

Now, I normally approach persuasion in a nuanced way. I prefer people to conform … willingly. But, I have also been known to assume the role of the hammer when needed and so, today, you get to be my nail.

I don’t get it. Would you wait to sell something until someone gave you permission to do so? What effect would that have on your paycheck? Stupid question. There would be no check to cash.

Sure, it would be nice for your company to lead the way but, that don’t pay your bills and social selling will allow you to pay more of those including that nicer car or a luxury vacation. No … the only permission you need is from … you. Besides, as a professional salesperson, I would peg you to be a leader rather than a lemming.

While whether or not you elect to take on this new adventure will be your choice alone, you will still have to make it and you may be thinking that there are more reasons to hesitate than there are for going forward. In times like this, we bring in Ben … Ben Franklin.

Reasons to hesitate

No changes are necessary. This is good because change is painful. Of course, change is also a large part of stretching and growth but, why do that? I can’t speak for you but, I hate being stuck in a rut.

Furthermore, complacency generally leads to decreased efficiency. We get lazy and we actually stop doing those things that we know have made us successful in the past. We take short cuts “knowing” that our experience will always pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Dohhhh! See how it happens!

I don’t have the time to learn. I’ve been in sales my entire life and I’m on the wrong side of 60. You never b.s. a You have the time. You choose to waste away tons of it every day. It is simply a matter of priorities. If you don’t believe me, and you are brave enough … keep a time journal for a week and then you can tell me that you don’t have the time.

This will take me away from selling time. This is why God created selling and non-selling time. Selling time is when you should be in front of a customer. Non-selling time is like right now. It’s 7:00 PM on a Saturday night, I’m in my jammies, sitting on my Lazy Boy, “War Stories with Oliver North” is on the tube, and I’m tapping this out on my iPad.

I’m doing fine now. No need to stir the pot. Well, what about tomorrow? Will you still be doing fine? Regardless, if you don’t want to make more sales … I would guess that that is entirely up to you. However, if you do want to create more revenue, I would suggest that “fine” is a state of mind. It’s like the customer who was completely happy with the status quo until you came along and showed them a better way.

Reasons to take the plunge

Your customer behavior demands it. Buyer behaviors have changed and many are doing research on the internet, and seeking recommendations from trusted sources (not you … yet), prior to ever reaching out to a salesperson if, in fact, they ever do. You need to show up, in the right way, when this research is being conducted.

It will make you better at what you already do. You prospect for new business. Yes? You already work hard at creating customer relationships. Yes? Perfect! Now get better at both (and more). Social selling does not replace traditional selling activities. It enhances them.

You will be generating inbound sales leads 24/7/365. Your company likely already has a website and maybe even a marketing team that generates leads. Some of them are good. Others … not so much. You may get a lead depending on who is up.

You might have even played a part in creating that lead but, since they did not ask for you by name, it went to someone else. Now you can create your own lead-generation platform and have those leads come directly to you. This way … you will always “be up” because this initiative belongs to you! What’s not to like?

Your territory will expand regardless of any geographical limitations. When I got started with social selling I had worked in the Boise area for over 25 years. I thought that I was a very good networker and quite well connected. Boise is not a big town. I was wrong. I quickly discovered that social selling uncovered countless circles of influence that I was not even a part of. Social selling was a #gamechanger.

You will make more sales. Even if by accident, this will be unavoidable. Social selling is selling and you will doing more sales related activities within the confines of your typical work week. Selling is still largely a numbers game. We are merely adjusting the equation to create a more desirable result. It’s simple math.

Death of the salesman

I’ve already read enough articles that predict that salespeople will soon become unnecessary to which I say … hogwash. However, if you don’t evolve, you will most certainly die. In the new world of sales, there will be those reps who thrive (adapters) and those who don’t.

Those who don’t … won’t … be around. Which way do the scales tip for you?  Are there more reasons to stick with the status quo than there are for a least investigating social selling? If yes, you had better get a new scale.

Craig M. Jamieson
Craig M. Jamieson is a lifelong B2B salesperson, manager, owner, and a networking enthusiast. Adaptive Business Services provides solutions related to the sales professional including Boise's best B2B leads group, NetWorks! Boise Valley. We are a Nimble SCRM Solution Partner and a Value Added Associate for TTI Performance Systems. Craig also conducts training and workshops primarily in social selling and communication skills. Craig is also the author of "The Small Business' Guide to Social CRM", now available on Amazon!
Craig M. Jamieson


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