GoSell Mobile – IPhone Opportunities, Intelligence, and Mapping

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GoSell Mobile – IPhone Opportunities, Intelligence, and Mapping

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We live in a mobile world. Much of our online activity is now being done via our phones and our tablets. Self-driving cars will soon become widely available which will eliminate that pesky distracted driving issue. I’m still bemoaning the slow death of the manual transmission and anticipating having to find something to do with my left foot and my right hand.

Salespeople have always been mobile and there is still a large percentage of our brethren who make direct prospecting calls to business locations. They may be the last true B2B hunters. It’s tough work. You have to first determine who might be the best matches for your services and then effectively manage your costly drive time.

Of course, unless you are able to make those determinations first from your desk … uninformed and poorly planned cold calls can quickly make that time spent even more expensive. You will never recover those wasted hours and efforts. There should be a better way and, there is …

GoSell Mobile

GoSell Mobile is an iPhone (Android and tablet optimized versions are not yet available but are planned) mobile prospecting app. It is best designed for the B2B road warrior who is expected to make in-field calls to achieve transactional sales. I can relate to this as my entire business to business selling career of 40 years was based on this model.

GoSell Mobile is an aggregated application that saves salespeople time by conveniently placing information in one spot versus users going on multiple websites or applications. This can have a huge impact on revenue and expenses for all companies with salespeople.

The application is designed to identify companies in specific industries in domestic (U.S.) geographical locations. As color-coded company icons populate the map, the sales representative has the ability to see all of the information needed to call on those businesses, right at their fingertips, and all within seconds.

Let’s take a look …

Define your market

Your first step is to identify those markets that you wish to be calling on. Think of it as defining a simple target buyer persona. You can choose from any, or all, of the following …

  • State(s)
  • County(s)
  • Employees (0 – 10,000+ as a range)
  • Revenues (0 – $1 B+ as a range)
  • Location Type (HQ, Single location, Branch location)
  • Industries (850+)

GoSell Mobile really shines if you are selling to a vertical market however, for wider offerings, the desired employee and revenue sizes of the company will help you to narrow your optimal results.

Their current database contains 20,000,000+ companies with data pulled from public records along with many paid/non-paid sources. This info is then cleaned and aggregated into a proprietary database mix. 

There is a search bar to perform a keyword search of the database. The search tool offers 4-deep layers of optimization which is why it’s extremely fast to pull so many names from a database of this size and in less a second. There are plans for the future to incorporate additional search-based technologies along with other larger database companies.

The search query pulls from the whole database so, even if a user sees a company truck driving down the road, they could keyword search the whole database for that particular company. This search works independently of the filter system.

Display your opportunities

Your results can be displayed as either a list or on a map. The list is displayed in the order of the distance from your current location, therefore, the top of the list will be for the company that is presently closest to you.

The mapping element also works independently of the list and it also allows you to push a button anywhere in the country in order to find leads based on your search criteria.

Import/Export – At this time, you can import companies and leads from Salesforce only. In the future, they are planning to add in the ability to import from other sources as well as being able to export leads from the app (export would be a premium paid feature). Salesforce records are not yet dynamically updated via use of the application.

Learn about your prospects

Half of the battle in sales is not knowing who to ask for or having access to company intelligence that can lead to conversations and opportunities. By opening a record from the list, or from the map, you will presented with …

  • Key people along with their job titles based on that particular office location
  • Company phone number
  • Company website
  • Company news

You can add notes to any company record. Your notes are archived on their servers, not natively on your device. This means that it will stay with the user, on that record, month over month. The developers are planning on implementing record editing in a future build. You can also save leads to a list for easy access later.

An opened record constitutes a lead and that lead can be reopened at any time over the next 30 days. While you can reopen these after 30 days, if needed, this will once again count against your monthly allowance (see below). I would selectively manually move players to my CRM and then use the app to continuously discover new leads.


There are three plans to choose from based on the number of allowed leads per month.

Basic – $9.99/month billed annually ($12.99 month to month) – Includes 300 leads per month

Business – $14.99/month billed annually ($18.99 month to month) – includes 500 leads per month

Enterprise – $19.99/month billed annually ($24.99 month to month) – Unlimited leads

A free 7-day trial with up to 50 free leads is offered (no credit card required). Users pay to upgrade their level of service at any time. For that matter, should you exceed your monthly allowance, you will be offered an opportunity to upgrade at that time. You cannot downgrade your plan until the plan renews if it is being paid for on an annual basis.


GoSell Mobile is not alone in this space. However, this world is driven primarily by desktop applications for mostly inside sales reps leaving outside salespeople without a lead database on their smartphone let alone with one that ties in the mapping functionality that is found in GoSell Mobile.

GoSell Mobile does offer an outstanding combination of features (mobile-first, lead database, market segmenting, and geo-location) at a very attractive price point. This allows for every organization to afford access to the software including individual reps if management does not wish to provide this solution company-wide.

Does all of this sound interesting? It should! Check out GoSell Mobile by following this link!

Craig M. Jamieson
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