Nimble SCRM Group Messaging with Gmail Integration [Videos]

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Nimble SCRM Group Messaging with Gmail Integration [Videos]

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of Group Messaging in Nimble Social CRM and many of these same features are now available right inside of Gmail including email open and link click tracking! Please watch the first video below on Group Messaging and then we can discuss a few of the highlights …

The group messaging feature will allow you to compose and then personalize a single message that can then be sent to multiple recipients. Key features include …

  • Images, links, attachments, and even HTML coding can be including in your emails.  This means that you could, for example, create a newsletter in something like MailChimp or WordPress and then copy and paste into a Nimble template the HTML version of this newsletter. Pretty sweet!
  • Each message is sent one at a time via you email client, for example, Gmail or Google Apps. Sent emails will appear in Nimble and will be attached to the appropriate contact record. Sent emails will also be visible in your email client. This means that every message is to one person only and it comes from your email address vs. via a bulk email sender.
  • You can individually choose people to send to or you can perform an advanced search on Nimble for people who meet your specific criteria and then save that search and automatically send these folks the same, yet a personalized message.
  • Nimble will track opens and link clicks and provide popup notifications of these in addition to providing this data in an onscreen report format.
  • Presently, users are limited to 30 group messages daily. As an example, three messages going out to 10 people each. Nimble is planning on increasing these allowances and that may be offered to users as a premium feature. Limitations in this regard are actually dictated to some extent by your email provider as these folks will set maximum daily or hourly email allowances per user.

To learn more about Nimble’s Group Messaging feature, please visit their FAQ.

Gmail integration

Just introduced, Nimble now offers email message open tracking as well as link tracking from directly inside of Gmail and Google Apps (more platforms are planned for the future. These capabilities are a part of the Nimble Smart Contact extension and, for now, these new features are only available for Chrome and Safari.

Pop-up notifications will appear in your browser when tracked emails have been opened and, if applicable, links within an email have been clicked. Please note that your browser will likely clear these notifications in less than one minute, however, these notifications will also appear under your Nimble notification bell icon in Nimble itself.

Tracking information can also be found in the sent email itself. It is important that you go to your Nimble settings to activate these notifications (see FAQ below). Tracking can be activated or deactivated with the click of a key. You can use tracking when sending messages to multiple recipients, however, at this time, Nimble will only be able to identify that “someone” has opened that message or clicked a link.

Finally, you can select template messages with or without merge tags which have been created within Nimble for use inside of Gmail. Please note that when working with multiple recipients, merge tags will not work properly as, with Gmail, group messages are not sent individually. These templates could be used as a replacement for “canned messages” which is a Gmail labs feature.

To learn more about Nimble’s Gmail tracking features, please visit their FAQ

With these two new introductions, Nimble now offers a level of personalized marketing automation and they are just getting started. Please be sure to watch this site as well as our YouTube channel for more exciting news relating to these offerings that will be coming soon!

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