Is Nimble SCRM Right for Your Business?

A quick synopsis of Nimble

Nimble SCRM is really a great product but, it may not be the right choice for everyone. I have spent a lot of time working with a great number of companies in helping them to determine whether or not Nimble may be right for their business. After hearing about their needs, and then matching those against Nimble’s offering, I feel pretty confident in my ability to share with you why some companies have chosen to go with Nimble while others may have not.

You may have other ideas of whether or not Nimble is right for you! This is based on my experience and opinion only and there are probably others who would strongly disagree with both. This is your decision, not mine or theirs.

Nimble is a fabulous relationship manager that takes traditional CRM features up to the next level. If you are familiar with “Contact Managers”, think of Nimble as an ultra-modern, extremely easy-to-use, version of those packages. Now add social networking to that feature set and along with that the ability to:

  • Find, manage, and build relationships
  • Discover new revenue opportunities
  • Access your customer base from anywhere that you can create an internet connection (cell or internet)

It does the 3 C’s right – Nimble is built around Contacts, Calendars, and Communications. I have been in B2B sales, management, and ownership positions since 1977 and I can tell you that, if you can manage these simple functions effectively, your revenues will increase. I have also used CRM since the late 80’s and, after looking at many of the most popular and well-known offerings in this arena, Nimble is unlike anything that I have seen, or used, to-date.

Nimble is built for your sales team. It has not been designed for marketing or customer service. It has been designed to assist your salespeople to do what they do best … close more profitable sales. By keeping things simple, salespeople will welcome Nimble instead of dread it. Nothing happens until somebody sells something and this is the focus of Nimble. If you do not identify yourself as being a salesperson … that is perfectly okay! We all sell!

You will likely choose Nimble if …

Nimble is best designed for small sales teams or solo entrepreneurs – Nimble is not enterprise-level software. Your company is likely smaller than 50 employees and you will have maybe up to 15 users on Nimble.

If you are not a Google based organization, you might be willing to switch –  Nimble is best designed to work within a Google environment (Gmail or Google Apps) and there are many key benefits to using this platform:

  • Two-way calendar sync between Nimble and Google
  • The Nimble Gmail/Google Apps Gmail widget
  • Two-way contact synchronization between Nimble and Google with the PieSync integration

If you are stuck on Outlook, you can keep that but, what features you can and cannot have will be based on whether or not you are PC or Mac and desktop or cloud.

You want something simple and something that salespeople will actually use – Salespeople hate traditional CRM. Most of it is drudgery. The interfaces, traditionally, have been cumbersome.  Most of all, they have failed to recognize what a CRM will do for them. Nimble is different and we can show you how and why!

You have a social business and your salespeople are social – One of Nimble’s key differentiators is its social networking integration. You don’t have to be a social business, and your people do not have to be active on social networks in order to benefit from Nimble but, you will be missing out on many of its innovative features. If you are not social but want to be, I can help you with that!

You are interested in developing customer relationships – Nimble will allow you to learn more about your customers, and your potential customers, than you ever felt was possible. Knowing about each other is how relationships begin and then develop. It has always been this way in business. Same old rules but now we have shiny new tools!

You want something to help you to discover new opportunities and connections – People are asking each other about products and services and they are now doing more and more of this on the social networking sites. Nimble helps you to discover profitable new opportunities and connections!

You are interested in learning more about how Nimble can be leveraged for social selling – You see Nimble as a tool only and you want to learn more about how to best leverage it. I always thought of contact management programs as being little more than an electronic version of a shoe box tickler file. Nimble can be that but, it can be so much more and I can show you how!

You want reports that mean something and that you will actually look at – I’ve been in B2B sales for over 35 years and probably 90% of that time was spent managing sales teams. I was always keenly interested in pipelines, forecasts, customer satisfaction, and results (all available in Nimble). In my earlier days, I did require daily call reports. I rarely looked at these and you probably don’t either.

You can live with being able to do most, maybe not all, of what you want – You are attracted to Nimble’s low subscription fee and, in return, you accept that it might not perform all of  the same functions that other programs, many several times Nimble’s cost, will. This is called compromise.

You are willing to dig in and learn via Nimble’s support portal or you are willing to pay someone like me to assist you –  You don’t work for free and I’m afraid that I can’t afford to either. Nimble offers an excellent support site that is filled with great articles and how-to videos. I am available if you require more personalized assistance and I am very good at what I do.

If you must have any of the following, Nimble is probably not right for you …

Nimble is not a marketing platform and it does not do marketing or email marketing automation – While you can integrate (to some level) with applications like these, you probably either don’t want to or you may not have the budget needed in order to this effectively (some marketing automation subscriptions can run in excess of $1,000.00 per month). Certainly, you can export records that can then be imported to email and marketing automation platforms.

Nimble is for sales –  You can do simple customer service. You can maybe even do some simple things that might be considered as marketing, but Nimble is best designed for your sales department. Trying to make it do something else, while possible if you are willing to compromise, will probably not be a satisfying experience. You do have several CRM options on the market that may be better designed for your needs.

You have a larger sales department or a need that requires you to separate your salespeople into teams –  This same rule would hold true for separating departments or sister companies. At this time, Nimble does not have the capability to set up any user groups.

You need to assign accounts to individual salespeople –  All contact records in Nimble are open to all users and you can not control access to these. With tags and/or custom fields, you could look at accounts that are assigned to salespeople but, at least at this time, there is no way to restrict access to these accounts to specific people only. Deals are assigned to individual salespeople, however.

You require various permission levels by user (what each user can and can not do with your records) – At this time, the only permission levels available with Nimble is the ability to set your email and social networking messages as either private or public (able to be viewed by all) and your calendar is not (can not be) shared. You can also control who can and can not bulk delete or export contact records.

Your email program is based on an exchange server and you either cannot, or are not willing to, allow access to email via IMAP – If you are not using IMAP, Nimble will not integrate with your email. That might be okay with you but, it does defeat an important feature of any CRM which is the ability to track and aggregate email messages.

You have a need to work on Nimble off-line – You must have an internet connection to use Nimble. There is an iPhone app and an Android app. However, if you find yourself in places where you must work entirely off-line, Nimble is not for you. There are CRMs out there that do offer this feature.

You simply must have the capability to generate reports and/or to create custom reports – Presently, Nimble offers a couple of reports centered around your sales pipeline and activity reports are planned for release soon. There is not, at this time, any ability to create custom reports. You can search for specific groups of  contact records based on multiple criteria and then export those as a .csv file. Some people may find this suitable for report creating using Excel or some other application.

If your business is really unique and/or complex – There is quite likely a CRM out there that is perfect for you. It might even be designed specifically for your industry but, that CRM is probably not Nimble. I’m talking about things like multiple pipelines and each with their own unique sales stages, calculated field values, lead scoring and assignment, and automated workflows. Nimble is very simple and has been designed to be … nimble.

If, after reading this, you feel that Nimble is worth exploring further but, you still have some questions, please visit this page to learn more about the support and training options that are offered by both Nimble and by myself as an Independent Authorized Solution Partner.