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A wide variety of training and support is available at all phases of your Nimble SCRM experience. Some of these services are free, while others are fee based. Services are available either through Nimble or from one of Nimble’s Independent Authorized Solution Partners such as myself.

What Nimble does and does not offer

All support through Nimble is free with your subscription to the service. In fact, most of these services are free even before you choose to sign on with Nimble. This includes:

Nimble presently does not offer:

  • Telephone support.
  • Personalized assistance with on-boarding.
  • Advice beyond very simple questions (answers can be generally found on their support site).
  • Personalized one-on-one demos of Nimble.
  • Any sort of fee-based maintenance agreement for enhanced support.

As your Solution Partner, I offer the following free and fee-based services

Once again, I do not work for Nimble. I am a self-employed consultant with many years in the industry and have worked with Nimble since the very early days prior to it’s introduction. I am sure that you recognize that Nimble is extremely competitively priced and, even if you add me as the solution partner to your account, while I very much appreciate that, I only receive a very tiny fraction of your monthly subscription and that is for the first year only. I make my living by augmenting Nimble services or offering services that they do not.

What I can offer for free:

  • Pre-Nimble consultation – I am willing to spend 15 minutes on the phone (Skype for international clients outside of the U.S. or Canada) with you or to reply to your email outlining your questions regarding Nimble. I can do one or the other and one-time only. If you have a clear understanding of your CRM needs and expectations, and can convey those to me, we can probably make an immediate determination as to whether or not Nimble would be a viable option for you. Additional support of this nature would be fee-based.
  • I also have my own YouTube channel with many Nimble how-to videos including my “Complete Guide to Nimble Social CRM” which is a series of 30 short videos covering specific features of Nimble..

My fee-based services:

  • If you would like a personalized one-hour one-on-one demo of Nimble for you and/or your team, I am happy to schedule those. I offer a special discounted fee for this service at $150.00.
  • Finally, I offer a wide variety of services that can be billed either hourly or as a part of a longer-term contract.

My hourly rate – $195.00 per hour. This does not include materials, materials preparation time, travel time, facility rentals, or any other expenses. Billable time for these services will be at our standard hourly rates. Materials are billed at suggested retail prices. Facility rental, travel, and other expenses will be billed at actual cost.

I do not only teach people how to use Nimble

Instead, I show them how to leverage Nimble to increase their revenues! Nimble is just one of the important cogs that make up the Social Media Ecosystem.  This living and breathing organism includes the social networks themselves, your website, and your people. When all of these elements work in concert, toward the common goal, the magic starts to happen. My services are designed to encompass all of these important pieces.

Every paid consultation for Nimble includes a free PDF version of my book “The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM” – See it on Amazon!

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