Nimble Social CRM – Relationship Records

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Nimble Social CRM – Relationship Records

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Nimble SCRM will be introduced to the world in the coming months, perhaps as early as next month. Nimble will provide the “3 C’s” that you have come to expect from any traditional CRM: Contacts, Calendar, and Communications. However, where Nimble exceeds is in it’s ability to turn your contact records into relationship records. Relationship records!? What the heck are those?

The simple fact is, and this has been supercharged by the advent of social media, the shift in CRM is going away from contacts and data and is clearly moving toward communication and collaboration. The concept of relationship selling has been the norm for sometime now. CRM has never had the capability to fully support those efforts. It still doesn’t but, it soon will.

Call this post a teaser. I am not yet authorized to display screen shots, however, what if I were to tell you that from with a Nimble SCRM relationship record, you will be able to:

View your contact’s most recent posts to Twitter and FaceBook and ….

  • Leave comments on FaceBook, “like” their update, create a task and assign it to yourself or a team member based on that post, or email that post to somebody else for follow-up.
  • From their Tweets … follow a link, retweet, reply, direct message, add to favorites, create a task, send it as an email, see profiles of others that they are communicating with and …. choose to follow them, direct message them, reply, create a task, send as an email, or import their records into your Nimble database. You will also see their Klout score in addition to who they influence and who they are influenced by.

Their relationship record includes the following segments ….

  • Their basic profile information
  • An extensive tagging system for grouping
  • Social Network profiles (Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn)
  • Pending tasks and events and with tagging  (including the ability for team members to comment on those)
  • Completed tasks and events
  • Your message inbox

Let’s take a closer look at the message inbox ….

  • Your message inbox contains all emails (sent and received between you and this contact) and …. direct and @ messages from Twitter as well as direct messages from FaceBook.
  • You can read emails excerpts, open the entire email, reply to them, star them, create a task, or delete them
  • Read a Tweet, reply to it, direct message reply, create a task, email it, etc.
  • Look at all messages or drill down to look only at those via email, FaceBook, or Twitter
  • Create new messages including: email, FaceBook direct message, Twitter direct message, or Twitter reply

Did we manage to catch your interest? Let’s bring this down to the real crux of the matter. What Nimble is allowing us to do is to manage our contacts and social networks from within Nimble itself. The tasks and activities I have outlined would normally require you to visit each of the social networks separately (or use something like HootSuite) to monitor and update those records. Even then, you have to find that particular contact’s stream and then you still have no centralized record of those interactions that took place. In the mean time, jump on over to Klout, open up your email client, and do the crazy chicken dance while covering all your bases (smile).

Folks, this is HUGE. Pretty soon it will be both HUGE and YOURS!

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Craig M. Jamieson
Craig M. Jamieson is a lifelong B2B salesperson, manager, owner, and a networking enthusiast. Adaptive Business Services provides solutions related to the sales professional including Boise's best B2B leads group, NetWorks! Boise Valley. We are a Nimble SCRM Solution Partner and a Value Added Associate for TTI Performance Systems. Craig also conducts training and workshops primarily in social selling and communication skills. Craig is also the author of "The Small Business' Guide to Social CRM", now available on Amazon!
Craig M. Jamieson


Social Sales Trainer and Author Helping Businesses To Increase Their Revenues - Nimble SCRM Solution Partner, TTI VAA, Own & Operate a B2B Networking Group
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Craig M. Jamieson

  • Hi Craig!

    Thanks for the great overview! Just wanted to thank you for your excitement and commitment to the Nimble vision. We are truly excited, and can’t wait to release Nimble for everyone to see and use!

    – Maria, Nimble
    @themaria @nimble

    • Craig M. Jamieson

      Thanks, Maria! We are very excited about this opportunity and about the chance to work with you! Please tell Charlene I said “Hi”. We are getting to be pretty good buds (smile).