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Make use of our Nimble how-to videos!

Links to our current Nimble Social CRM videos, including  “The Complete Video Guide to Nimble Social CRM” (under continuous development), will be posted to this page as they become available. All of our videos, including these, can be found on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

This video was created on July 16, 2014 and it will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Nimble Social CRM. Our plan is to use this page to always feature our latest video as we attempt to keep you informed of everything that is going on with Nimble! You may also wish to watch this and our other videos in HD directly on YouTube. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with any questions you may have.


The Complete Video Guide to Nimble Social CRM

Our video guide is projected to include approximately 30 videos, each running 5 to 10 minutes, that will explore just about every feature of Nimble in depth. We will be adding one to two videos each week so … stay tuned! Please follow the links to view the videos on our YouTube channel.

Video #1 – Course Overview – This video provides a description of the course itself and how it will be structured.

Video #2 – Nimble Overview – Nimble is a fabulous platform but it may or may not be the right choice for your business. This video will provide you with a quick overview of what Nimble will and will not do.

Video #3 – Nimble Basics – We discuss critical basic concepts that are associated with using Nimble.

Video #4 – Help & Support – There are several ways and places that you can find help and support with Nimble and we will show them all!

Video #5 – Getting Started – We provide an overview of the account settings page. Each page will be discussed in more detail in future videos.

Video #6 – Email & Calendars –  This video addresses how to connect your email accounts) and Google Calendar to Nimble. Nimble will create a two-way synchronization with any email platform that will allow for IMAP.

Video #7 – Social Networks – We talk about connecting your social networks and, where appropriate, importing your connections from each.

Video #8 – Contact Imports – This video discusses in detail the methods, and resources, for importing contacts via csv files as well as from LinkedIn.

Video #9 – Today Page – Nimble’s Today Page serves as your social dashboard and will bring you up-to-date on all of the important tasks, and opportunities, that are presenting themselves each day.

Video #10 – Contact Record Overview – This video gives a quick overview of the various aspects of a contact record. Individual aspects of these records will be covered in depth in future videos.

Video #11 – Company & Social Records – We discuss how company and standalone social records also count as contact records and we look at how people contact records are associated and aggregated with company records.

Video #12 – Duplicate Records – No matter how hard you try, duplicate records will always crop up in any CRM. This video discusses how to avoid those in the first place and then how to find and merge those that already exist.

Video #13 – Edits & Discovery – This video shows how to edit contact records and discusses how Nimble will automatically attempt to discover, and connect, social profiles for all new records.

Video #14 – Social & Summary – This video explores Nimble’s social streams, including engagement opportunities, that can be found within each contact record. Additionally we look at Smart Summaries which Nimble creates automagically for each contact record.

Video #15 – Notes & Activities – Adding notes and a variety of activities to Nimble contact records is a snap!

Video #16 – Reminders & Tasks – Learn how to use recurring and one-off reminders as well as how to create tasks and even assign those to other team members.

Video #17 – Creating Messages – This video discusses how to create messages to contacts from within their contact records.

Video #18 – Social Signals – This video explores Nimble’s “Signals” tab which serves as a social dashboard.

Video #19 – Messages Tab – The messages tab in Nimble is roughly equivalent to the inbox in your current email client.

Video #20 – Activities Tab – This morning’s video discusses the activities tab and how it can be used to monitor and create tasks and calendar items.

Video #21 – Custom Fields – This video discusses how and when to create custom tags and fields within Nimble.

Video #22 – Deals Customization – This video discusses how to customize deal stages within Nimble

Video #23 – Adding Records – This video explores all of the different ways and areas that we can add (create) contact records on the fly from within Nimble.

Video #24 – Contact Widget – Today’s video explores Nimble’s browser based contact widget that is part of Nimble’s “Everywhere” strategy.

Video #25 – Contact Lists – This video explores the different ways to view and filter contact lists as well as to mass update records.

Video #26 – Advanced Search – Today’s video explores Nimble’s standard and advanced search capabilities as well as how you can export your results.

Video #27 – Creating Deals – This video discusses how to create deals (opportunities) in Nimble.

Video #28 – Managing Your Pipeline – Today’s video discusses how to manage your pipeline (opportunities) in Nimble

Video #29 – Deal Reports – This morning’s video talks about deal reports, including forecasts, that can be generated from your pipeline.

Video #30 – Mobile & Apps – We talk about Nimble’s mobile offerings as well as how you can increase the power of Nimble via third-party applications.

Video #31 – Group Messaging – Nimble has introduced group email messaging complete with merge fields as well as templates and tracking!

Video #32 – Gmail Message Tracking – Nimble’s message open tracking and templates have now been integrated directly into Gmail/Google Apps.

Video #33 – Smart Segmentation – Smart Segmentation now allows you to search Nimble records based on any field including those fields, such as “Smart Summary”, that are generated by Nimble automagically!

This ends our video series for now. As new features are added to Nimble, we will revise the appropriate video or add videos as needed. Thanks for sitting in!