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DISCThank you very much for your interest in our services! Being an effective communicator is perhaps the most important skill that you can have regardless of whether it is in your personal or business lives.

One of the biggest obstacles to effective communication is that we don’t all communicate the same way. You have seen it yourself. Some folks you just seem to be able to talk to endlessly while others you just wish that the conversation would end.

DISC is one method to help you to identify the communication styles and needs of others while at the same time modifying your own messaging to maximize its effectiveness. DISC is based on observable behaviors and we all have preferred styles for communicating with others.

While this packet is designed specifically for salespeople, everybody sells! Selling is nothing more than the science of communication and persuasion and is just as important whether you are promoting your services or you are convincing your significant other to go out for Italian food when they are craving Mexican.

There are three steps to this process:

  • Learn about yourself – Take an online DISC assessment. A sample of the report is included in the selling pack document.
  • Learn to assess others – Once we understand other’s preferred styles, we can adjust our own messages. You can use these same techniques to do a quick assessment on yourself if you do not wish to invest in a full assessment. Here’s an easy to use method that is not found in the materials. People are focused on either relationships (people) or tasks (work). They operate at either a fast pace or at a slow pace.

Fast pace and task focus = Dominant
Fact pace and relationship focus = Influencer
Slow pace and relationship focus = Steadiness
Slow pace and task focus = Compliant

  • Adjust your message – Once we know our own tendencies, and can match those against the needs of others, we can adjust our message for maximum effectiveness!

This will take some practice but it is easier than you might think! Much of it is based on the principle of “mirroring”. They want to be on task so … you want to be on task. They wish to speed up the process … so do you! Good luck and please let me know if I can help! I can be reached at or 208.340.9546.

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