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Sales Training & Consulting

Adaptive Business Services offers a wide range of training and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Sales including social sales and relationship selling
  • Communication skills
  • DISC
  • Social Business tools and strategies
  • Nimble Social CRM

Call today for a free quote! Please feel free to call Craig at 208.340.9546 or email him at to learn more!

My hourly rate – $195.00 per hour. This does not include materials, materials preparation time, travel time, facility rentals, or any other expenses. Billable time for these services will be at our standard hourly rates. Materials are billed at suggested retail prices. Facility rental, travel, and other expenses will be billed at actual cost.

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Consulting Hours

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We offer a full circle solution!

I have spent my entire career in sales and sales management so I think I am safe in saying that I have “been there, done that”. For some time now I have had a scenario in my head for a line-up of services that would assist sales managers and salespeople from the point of the initial hire all the way through training and support.  The necessary pieces were never in place. That is to say … until now.

I know from experience how difficult it is to find and then train good quality salespeople. Every time I hired the wrong person, or failed to train them according to their needs, or did not provide them with the tools necessary for their success … the loss of time and money spent for myself, my company, and the new hire was simply staggering! And, there was no way at all to recoup any of those expenses. Poof! Gone! Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

“The Selling Solution That Delivers Results”


In all my years in sales we adhered to the “Success Triangle” …  SUCCESS

In order for any salesperson to have any decent change of success, they needed to come equipped with at least two out of the three elements …

  1. Skills – This would include selling skills and communication skills. Some, not all, of this can be taught.
  2. Attitude – The right attitude is critical! Furthermore, I don’t believe that this can be taught
  3. Knowledge – For the most part, this can refer to product knowledge which, of course, can be taught providing you have a student with the right attitude

We do have the ability to assess selling skills with our on-line questionnaires. We can also measure behaviors and attitude (motivators). Additionally we have the ability to assist you in determining the level of commonly used soft skills and emotional quotients. All of these areas are extremely important in understanding ourselves as well as maybe choosing your next salesperson. Job benchmarking is the ultimate solution in terms of pre-hire assessments.

We will help you to …

  1. Evaluate and Choose The Right Person For The Job (may also include job benchmarking)
  2. Motivate and Train Them Based On Their Specific Needs, Strengths, and Skills (this may also include your existing staff)
  3. Provide The Relationship and Social Selling Training Needed To Become Top Producers (including becoming more effective communicators with team members and customers through understanding communication styles)
  4. Teach Them How To …
  • Build Referrals
  • Uncover Opportunities
  • Social Business tools, techniques, and strategies
  • Maintain Accurate Data
  • Develop Long-Term Relationships

Finally, we will provide you and your team with on-going support.

These programs are entirely modular and can be customized to your specific needs. Many of these services can be provided online in addition to on-site.

The implementation of these programs will result in increased revenues for both your sales staff and for your company and will greatly enhance customer satisfaction and their desire to refer you to others!

For more information, and to find out if our program might be right for you, please call Craig Jamieson at 208.340.9546 or email me at