The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM [Book]

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About This Book

  • Manage your Social CRM and grow its capabilities to address your business needs
  • Discover best practices for Social CRM usage for sales, marketing, and customer service that will result in increased revenues
  • Loaded with practical tips that take the mystery out of Social CRM and address the specific needs of small businesses 

Who This Book Is For

If you want to effectively manage and build your customer base to drive your business forward, this book will provide you with the knowledge and strategies you need for success 

In Detail

Smart businesses are taking advantage of new technologies to overcome the challenges and secure the opportunities arising from recent shifts to buyer behavior. The single biggest challenge for businesses today is to retain the loyalty of your existing customers and to find a way of extending your reach to find new ones. Social CRM allows you to do precisely that, offering a platform from which you can manage your current customer base while building and extending it.

Craig Jamieson, an expert in social sales, wants to unlock the power of Social CRM for your business. With this book he takes you through the process of integrating Social CRM within your business strategy. He explores how to evaluate your needs, and discusses choosing the right Social CRM system for your business, before looking closely at how to successfully implement the system with best practices to bring increased revenues.

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About the Author

Craig M. Jamieson is the managing member of Adaptive Business Services in Boise, Idaho, which also owns and operates NetWorks! Boise Valley B2B Networking Group. Craig has been in B2B sales since 1977 and during that time, has served in a variety of positions including sales manager, division sales manager, national sales manager, district manager, and a business owner. He has also taught salesmanship at university level and has been self-employed since 2005 as a sales trainer and consultant.

Craig is a Nimble Social CRM and Hootsuite Solution Partner, a TTI Performance Systems VAA, and he also provides training and consulting to businesses on how to leverage social sales tools, techniques, strategies, and Social CRM to increase their revenues. Craig currently writes a monthly column on social sales at  Maximize Social Business and is presently a Midsize Insider who has been empowered to blog for IBM on the general topic of social business. Craig first began using Contact Management software in the late 1980s.

Today, Social CRM is the absolute hub of his sales and marketing efforts. Please feel free to contact Craig via his website at You can also find Craig on Twitter at @craigmjamieson and on LinkedIn at in/craigmjamieson. 

Customer Reviews

How to Turn Your Contacts Into Gold! 5 Stars By Jon Ferrara on October 16, 2014 Format: Paperback This book does a fantastic job of describing why every small business needs to build its brand and grow its business by connecting with customers who matter to turn connections into conversations and relationships into revenue. The author, Craig Jamieson, describes step by step how any business person can begin to build their brand and grow their business in a nimble way.

I appreciate how this book guides businesses on how to begin building social profiles n the key networks, how to share content to develop the brand and connect with prospects, how to engage prospects and convert them into customers not only come back, but drag their friends back with them. I recommend that you not only buy this book but consider contacting the author, Craig Jamieson to help you convert your entire business into a social business so that you can start turning your contacts into a GoldMine. Best Jon Jon Ferrara CEO | Nimble – Social Selling, Made Easy. Twitter @jon_ferrara |