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Social Selling

While most of us have heard of Social Media, there remains for many the question … “What is it and why should I care?” Social Business is the business related application of Social Media or, as defined by New Comm Biz – “Social Business: A business that has built a strategy around leveraging social technologies and social media to maximize the relationships with all company stakeholders.”  Social Selling is very capable of helping you to achieve the following:

  1. Increase your revenues
  2. Increase business and referrals from your existing account base
  3. Protect your brand and reward those who promote it
  4. Provide your customers with better service
  5. Help you to be found and increase your perceived expertise

Social Media is what I like to call … “your free piece of the digital pie” but, it will take work.

About me: While I would not consider myself to be a power user of any of the major social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google+), what I am very good at is being engaged in all four and doing so within the amount of time that I have allocated to this function. I own and operate B2B (business to business) networking groups for sales and marketing professionals and represent both Nimble Social CRM and Target Training International Performance Systems.

As such, I approach Social Media as a networking tool that assists me in marketing my services and finding new members for my groups. My application is business hence, Social Business. My goals are to find and to be found; establish my expertise and credibility; and to have others be aware of who I am and what I do. Social Media has proven itself to be a powerful tool in helping me to reach these goals.

When I began working with this medium some 4 years ago, I was both confused and frustrated. What I failed to realize at the time was …

  • I needed to expand my centers of influence.  My clients and contacts would come along at their own pace.
  • I wanted to establish my credibility and expertise.
  • It was important to me to find new sources of revenue opportunities and it was equally important for me to be found.

And, guess what? It works and we are fully prepared to assist you in navigating and leveraging the four major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+)! Of course, we will also teach you how to manage all of these activities with Nimble Social CRM!

Traditional Relationship Selling

The term “Relationship Selling” has been around since at least the 1980’s. Likely, it originated in response to the need to rehabilitate the public stereotype of salespeople being willing to do almost anything, and at any cost, in an effort to coerce the customer into buying their product or service. Call it “adversarial selling”. While there is some truth to that (I was taught the art of the “hard close” in the 70’s), selling has always been based on relationships. People will buy from people that they like and that they trust.

Relationship Selling can have many faces …

  • Common interests
  • A genuine desire to take care of the customer
  • That feeling of rapport
  • Demonstrating good listening skills
  • The list goes on and on

Certainly, we are prepared to assist you with all of these skills and many many more! One of the most overlooked areas of relationship selling is understanding the reality that  most of us will communicate very differently. Sometimes this is evident in a person’s pace.  Are they fast or do they move along leisurely? Other times it may be their orientation. Are they they focused on the task at hand or on developing relationships? In order to be an effective communicator, and to establish any relationship, we must learn to adapt to the wide variety of personalities that we will be presented. This is a multi-step process …

  • Understand your own style and your limitations when dealing with others
  • Learn to assess the styles of others
  • Become able to adjust and adapt your style to maximize your communication effectiveness

With the help of TTI’s DISC Assessment tools we will teach you how to unlock these secrets! 

Social and Traditional Selling Integration

Social selling does not replace traditional selling methodologies. Rather, it augments and enhances those. It makes many of the selling activities that we have always done … better and more effective. Social selling does not have to be a mystery. It is only a part of the evolution of the sales process.

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