Sales Behaviors Assessment

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We are pleased to announce today that Adaptive Business Services has become a Value Added Associate for Target Training International Performance Systems (TTI). What leads us to this association? I have been in b2b sales and management since 1977. For over 30 of those years, I served in a variety of positions (including ownership) which required me to find and train new salespeople. I managed to pick a few winners but, overwhelmingly, I missed the mark in my choices. While they looked great on paper …

  • They couldn’t sell
  • They wouldn’t work
  • I could not figure out how to motivate them
  • They had poor work habits and skills
  • Their values did not match mine or that of our organization

When somebody did not make it, and not counting my time or the time of others in our organization, this always resulted in the loss of several thousands of dollars in wasted expenses. How much time and money does it take for you to find, hire, and train a new salesperson? Really think about that. Speaking for myself, through the years, I burned through a butt-load of both! I am no stranger to DISC assessment systems and while I have thought about DISC through the years, as fate would have it, I was recently introduced to a company who really gets it right! Target Training International has been around since 1984 and was the first company to introduce computerized assessment tools vs. the scratch-off and pegboard systems that I saw in the early 90’s. Even better, TTI has a number of instruments that are specifically designed for sales and sales management. By using these tools, you will be able to …

  • Screen applicants for a measure of their existing selling skills
  • Predict their behaviors in a variety of situations
  • Discover their personal interests, attitudes, and values
  • Find out what motivates, or demotivates, them
  • Learn how to best manage them to achieve maximum results
  • Develop position benchmarks that are unique to your organization

I’ve always said that, for sales, there is a success triangle composed of Attitude, Skills, and Product Knowledge. We can measure the first two and you can provide the third! It gets even better! We can use these same tools to …

  • Provide you with a better understanding of your existing staff
  • Improve communication between team members and, for that matter, all members of your organization
  • Teach your salespeople how to better communicate with their customers which will result in increased sales!
Sample DISC Behaviors Report for Sales

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Each TTI Assessment package with a combined valued of over $150 includes a free 30-minute phone consultation where I will personally review the results with you.
This is a $75 value!

TTI now becomes an invaluable piece of what I will be calling “The Selling Solution That Delivers Results!”. Please call Craig at 208.340.9546 or to learn more.