Sales Behaviors Assessment

Salesperson behaviors are measurable and predictable!

I’ve always said that, for sales, there is a success triangle composed of Attitude, Skills, and Product Knowledge. We can measure the first two and you can provide the third! It gets even better! We can use these same tools to …

  • Provide you with a better understanding of your existing staff
  • Improve communication between team members and, for that matter, all members of your organization
  • Teach your salespeople how to better communicate with their customers which will result in increased sales!

All of us exhibit certain behavior patterns throughout our day and these are both measurable and predictable. We are also looking for salespeople who consistently demonstrate those behaviors that will make them successful. Our online assessment tools will help you to discover these either as a pre-hire tool or as an instrument to better develop your most valuable investments … your people! Take a look at the sample below.

Sample DISC Behaviors Report for Sales

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Each TTI Assessment package with a combined valued of over $150 includes a free 30-minute phone consultation where I will personally review the results with you. This is a $97.50 value!