The CRM Features That Are Most Wanted by Users

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The CRM Features That Are Most Wanted by Users

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An article on eMarketer entitled “Social Integration Tops CRM Users’ Wish Lists” was recently brought to my attention. The publication cites findings from Capterra’s “CRM Users Industry Research Report” which was conducted in June of 2015. This is a very complete study and I would suggest that you might want to read it. Among other things, the report identified that 25% of respondents wanted social monitoring as a part of their CRM and 24% wanted their CRM to pull in social media profiles for CRM contacts.


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It’s a bit trickier

The article goes on to point out that … “Despite the privacy of some social media information, the study noted that many CRM tools are able to pull in data, pictures and links from profiles based on email addresses. And due to demand for these features, many solutions have started to label themselves specifically as “social CRM.”

While wanting social monitoring and social profiles, getting those has become, if anything, more difficult. Finding social profiles has been around for quite some time now as is witnessed by the original Rapportive. While an individual’s privacy settings have always limited available info, recent decisions by both LinkedIn and Facebook to remove API access from CRMs has made profile data collecting no longer possible with most CRM’s. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics (at least for LinkedIn) are the only exceptions that I am aware of and even then, a specific level LinkedIn premium account is required.

Much like profiles, the ability to monitor social streams will be determined by whatever access a CRM product has been provided to that network’s API. Twitter is still open in this regard, as are some other networks but, not LinkedIn and Facebook. Many social sites have never released this capability to third-party services. Certainly, if and when those permissions are granted, Social CRMs will incorporate those capabilities.

Still, even a simple search will uncover these profiles so … how about being able to conduct that search from within your Social CRM?

Craig Nimble


The image above demonstrates a Bing search that can be conducted by Nimble’s Social CRM from within the contact record itself (please note that I am a Nimble Solution Partner). Nimble will also automatically find and add discovered social profiles to contact records and it does this all by itself. Without access to LinkedIn and Facebook’s API’s, pulling additional info can be difficult but, read on to see that it can be done. With the help of additional social networks, and from what we can glean through other methods, you can achieve a fairly well-rounded overview of an individual’s interests. Nimble’s smart summary nicely addresses one of the challenges that comes with so much social intelligence … How do you sift through, and then organize, the really important stuff?

A Social CRM that goes with you

How many of us spend all of our time IN our CRM? Since we don’t, how about a Social CRM that goes with you wherever you go and this includes your social networking sites?

Jon F

Nimble’s Smart Contacts App (a free browser app available with your Nimble subscription) allows your Nimble database to go with you anywhere on the web. The example above demonstrates it’s use on Jon’s LinkedIn profile. This app will:

  • Call up that contact’s Nimble record should you have one on file.
  • Allow you to edit that record, or to add notes and tags (and more), from within the app itself.
  • Scan the page that you are on and suggest record updates based on the information that is discovered. As you can see, Nimble has uncovered six potential updates to Jon’s record.
  • Use this same page scanning protocol to create, and flush out with social profiles, a new Nimble record for the individual being reviewed (if one is not already on file). In fact, Nimble will immediately create a live preview of this record in order to allow you to evaluate whether or not you wish to add it to your Nimble database.

Now you can have a contact’s full profile where you need it and when you need it including in Gmail/Google Apps or web-based Outlook. This means that you will always have actionable intelligence at your fingertips. If you are already invested in a web-based CRM, it will work there as well. Nice.

The promise of Social CRM

The article continues … “According to Econsultancy and ResponseTap polling in March 2015, 31% of agency professionals worldwide used social CRM data to inform an understanding of the customer journey, as did 29% of client-side marketers—far below the leading data sources. The study noted that social CRM could “provide the most unadulterated feedback available” and suggested companies weren’t making enough of this opportunity, whether alone or in the context of information from other data sources.”

The bigger question may be, now that you have contact social profiles, what are you going to do with those? How do you leverage this information in order to nurture the types of relationships that lead to repeat business? These are the topics that we specifically address on this site and we would invite you to take a look at some of our other articles while you are here!

See the magic for yourself with a free, no credit card required, 14-day trial of Nimble! If you would like to see Nimble in action, please visit my YouTube Channel and watch “The Complete Video Guide to Nimble Social CRM”.

Craig M. Jamieson
Craig M. Jamieson is a lifelong B2B salesperson, manager, owner, and a networking enthusiast. Adaptive Business Services provides solutions related to the sales professional including Boise's best B2B leads group, NetWorks! Boise Valley. We are a Nimble SCRM Solution Partner and a Value Added Associate for TTI Performance Systems. Craig also conducts training and workshops primarily in social selling and communication skills. Craig is also the author of "The Small Business' Guide to Social CRM", now available on Amazon!
Craig M. Jamieson


Social Sales Trainer and Author Helping Businesses To Increase Their Revenues - Nimble SCRM Solution Partner, TTI VAA, Own & Operate a B2B Networking Group
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Craig M. Jamieson

  • Craig

    I really enjoyed your post on what people want and need in their CRM. I agree that they need social media monitoring and social people and company profiles to connect with modern customers today.

    Life is social, business is social, people buy from people they like and they like people who know them and their company and can demonstrate how they can help them grow.

    Service is the new sales. It’s our job to know who someone is and what their business is about before we connect to “sell” them. In fact stop selling and start serving. Help people become better, smarter and faster to succeed in business.

    The sad truth is that legacy CRM’s don’t work for you, you work for them and you have to goto them to work. After inventing CRM with GoldMine some 30 years ago I’m back to reimagine it with Nimble, the first CRM that works for you, everywhere you work.

    A CRM should automagically build the CRM with the context (emails, calendar and social communications) you need to understand the history of the relationship, then it needs to provide insights on people and companies.

    A Nimble CRM works with you everywhere you work cause the biggest cause of traditional CRM failure is lack of use, nobody wants to go to the CRM to create, update and log data. The CRM should work wherever they work which is wherever they are communicating with customers; email, social networks and other business apps like accounting.

    The sad thing is most CRM’s pay lip service to social by mapping social Icons so you can click to the social profile. Nimble not only maps the social identities but it brings the data down and links it to the contact and company records to keep data fresh and accurate every day.

    Soon, in Nimble, you’ll be able to segment contacts and companies based on the enhanced Nimble social profile data and take actions like email them and measure the reactions to help stay top of mind with customers.

    Thanks again for the great post and mentioning Nimble Craig!



    CEO Nimble – The Simply Smart Social CRM

  • …a built-in, powerful, easy to use contacts merge & duplicates remover should be part of a good CRM given that data import, export, sync are such a huge component of its use…

    • Thanks! You might look at Deduply for contact merge etc and PieSync for contact sync.

      • Thanks Craig. I, along with a pretty large list (>500?) of those
        waiting for this feature, believe these capabilities should be part of a
        CRM as the latter is the cause of the problem to begin with. I gather
        you meant dedupEly which was looked at before being renamed from undupe
        and I believe twice the price points listed here when checked. However,
        even at $59/ month for a $15 / month service which given the position
        outlined up-front, should be a feature, it’s not an option. The price
        point might have been @ $29 with today’s pricing, as it was estimated that the CRM’s multiplication of the number of contacts bumped up our record
        count to the next price point. The alternative solution was to sync out
        and lose all notes which are lost with the final Export and that was
        what was unfortunately opted for. The CRM data integrity issue, had it
        unused for over a year in the hopes that both these issues might be
        addressed without all our contacts data notes lost. Too bad, otherwise
        it was a good tool which I promoted until running into this issue.

        • Yes, as I recall … Undupe/Deduply were fairly pricey and I agree that it should be a part of every core CRM offering. Now, I am using Nimble with PieSync and Google Apps. Google actually has one of the better merge routines and I have Google set to be the default rule for contact changes. The solution is not perfect but it does help!

          Unfortunately, there are so many variables that contribute to duplicate records including slight changes in names .. “Co. vs Company” etc. Then when you add social imports to your CRM on top of this, you will often get standalone records since their Twitter handle might not match to anything and/or they use a completely different email address for social networking.

          That all being said … I DO FEEL YOUR PAIN! 🙂 I probably hate duplicates more than anything 🙁

          Thanks so much for pitching in _____________. Could I get your name, please?