Workshops Specifically Designed For Your Business

We are very pleased to offer a number of workshops and many of these can even be conducted online.

We will be happy to provide you with an exact quote and would suggest that we meet first (at no charge) to discuss your specific needs. We will also be pleased to provide you with detailed descriptions of any workshops that you may have an interest in. Workshops can be conducted at your location or we do have access to off-site facilities that are reasonably priced. Most workshops can also be conducted online. However, online workshops do not tend to be as effective as live events.

Introduction to Social Media for Business – 2 hours

LinkedIn for Business – 3 hours

LinkedIn for Social Sales – 4 hours

Leveraging Social CRM (requires a free or paid Nimble subscription) – 4 hours

Beginning Social Media for Business – 6 hours

Social Media for Business Boot Camp – 12 hours to 16 hours (suggested to be conducted in 3 or 4 hour segments)

Introduction to Blogging with WordPress – 3 hours

Communications Workshop (assessment instruments are required) – 4 hours Interpreting Behaviors & Motivators (assessment instruments are required) – 4 hours

DISC Sales (assessment instruments are required) – 3 hours

Job Benchmarking (assessment instruments are required) – 6 hours

TTI Performance Systems has created two very popular workshops based upon their studies of behaviors and motivators. Each workshop is four hours in length. Below you will find a flyer with more information about our behaviors workshop and please do not hesitate to contact us by calling Craig at 208.340.9546 or via email at with any questions you may have.

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