About Us

Who are we?

Adaptive Business Services is a DBA of Sales Results LLC which is owned and managed by Craig M. Jamieson, a Boise resident since 1982. My entire career since 1977 has revolved around business to business sales activities and I have held posts as a business owner; local, district, regional, and national sales manager; and as a trainer and consultant. My workshops and seminars are consistently rated 9+ out of 10 by those who attend and I have also served as adjunct faculty at Boise State University where I taught “Salesmanship”.

My area of expertise is selling. Today, my focus is on helping businesses weave social selling strategies and techniques into their proven selling methodologies. Please know that I am not a traditional marketing person. However, the lines between sales and marketing have decidedly blurred, and I can show you how to successfully integrate marketing ideas into selling activities. Can I develop leaders? Absolutely. Great sales leaders who will consistently outperform their peers!

Not only can I train and coach your people to do this, I can also help you to select the best-qualified salespeople from a group of candidates.

Select top salespeople

Your goal is to find salespeople who will maximize profitable revenues for your company. Likely you already have some high-performing reps, and you would love to be able to duplicate these people. You also have your criteria for the selection of new sales staff.

Through effective job benchmarking, we will be able to identify top-producer qualities and then provide a roadmap for comparison with potential new hires. We both know that awesome salespeople will make you money whereas the wrong salespeople will suck you, your team, and your bank accounts dry. Let’s find you some great people!

Train them to succeed!

Social selling (leveraging social media to increase your revenues) is designed to augment, not replace, your traditional selling methodologies. Unfortunately, there has been much confusion about how to best accomplish this goal. My job is to make it simple. I can do this either in-person or online, and I can craft a program that will meet your specific needs.

We can also talk about social selling tools including Social CRM (I have written a book on this and also represent Nimble) as well as social platforms including LinkedIn.

This training can also include effective communication skills that are based on the individual requirements of the people who you are selling to.  Some of your customers love to talk while others want to get straight to the bottom-line. What happens when a chatty salesperson meets up with a task-oriented buyer? How about … nothing.

These same communication skills are equally important between co-workers. As managers, it is your job to get the most out of your people, and each one of your folks will likely exhibit different behaviors and are motivated by different carrots. It can be challenging, and we can help you to overcome that!

Social selling and marketing integration

As stated, I am not a traditional marketing person so, if that is what you require, I am not your man. However, what I am very good at is helping you to bridge the gaps that inevitably occur between sales and marketing. We do this through effective collaboration and by focusing on the shared goals of increasing: new customers, existing customer retention, and your revenues.

Certainly, social selling does encourage certain marketing activities including personal/company branding and customer education. Today’s sellers have the wonderful opportunity to attract potential buyers directly to their doorsteps, virtual or otherwise. While this has always been a marketing function, it now belongs to both sales and marketing and what a wonderful thing that is!

If any of this is of interest to you, let’s connect! You can reach me at 208.340.9546 or by email at craig@adaptive-business.com.  And, if you are looking for a great B2B in-person networking group that meets in the Boise area, please check out NetWorks! Boise Valley.


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“Most people don’t know that “content” is the driver for engagement in this social media and marketing environment. Blogging is the best starting place as it feeds every other social media application available.  Just look at how Craig Jamieson has knit this all together into a logical message that reaches people.  What a great speaker, example and teacher on how to make this all work together!  Thanks Craig!” 

Tom Gay – CEO 22 Touch and Organizer – “Social Media Marketing in the 21st. Century” – Jan 30, 2013

“I have been involved in a number of leads and networking groups over the last ten years and can say none compare to the NetWorks! group. This group is like a leads group on steroids. The quantity and quality of leads and referrals is amazing. I really like the ability to track and follow up on potential new business with the CRM. If any interested members need to talk to someone directly, have them contact me.”

Alan Sturtevant, Sales Manager, B2B Sales, Business Operations, Social Media, Trainer, Consultant, P&L

“Craig is a value-add master and one of the most engaging individuals I know. When he sees needs, he finds people to fill them. Craig has a unique talent of business facilitation and connecting people who “should know each other”. I highly recommend his services and expertise, or even just to have a cup of coffee with the guy because you’ll be better at whatever you do for having associated with him.”

Mac Wrigley, Commercial Loan Officer – D.L. Evans Bank.

“I have been a member of the leads group that meets on Wednesday’s at noon for about three months. I have been extremely pleased with the number and quality of leads that are given each and every week. We have a very diverse and dedicated membership that allows for a dynamic snapshot of upcoming business opportunities in the Treasure Valley. The meetings start and conclude on time, lasting one hour. It’s an hour packed with very useful information, whether it’s a member or guest giving a presentation or training on the online leads management program. I find it to be one of the best hours I spend on lead generation during my workweek.”

Virginia Cunningham, Account Executive – Golden West Signs, Inc.

“I have been a member of many different leads groups, but have never experienced a group like the Wednesday Bing group. The members truly know the value of networking and actively share vital information and leads. This is also a very social hour where relationships are nurtured and trust is established. This is the by far and away the best group I have ever been a part of and look forward to our meeting every week.”

Paul Whitehouse, Business Account Manager – SEN Technologies

“I have been a member of Craig’s group since its inception and continue to be an active member. Many things impress me about the group but, most importantly, it is the fact that week after week every member contributes leads, referrals, and specific market information that is invaluable to what I do. Each meeting is well attended and every individual member has something to offer to the group. Craig always has an interesting speaker available on the days when time allows and this speaker is always there to further our knowledge about pertinent topics. Craig also spends considerable time helping get the members and their business the exposure they need through various mediums. The CRM is a useful tool to track leads and updates and so much more. I would definitely recommend our group to others.”

Greg Gaddis, Partner – Tenant Realty Advisors

“Craig, I have to say that being in the group is a tremendous asset to our marketing program. Not only are there good leads but, everyone is serious about helping others. I have attended my fair share of leads groups and the leads are weak and people feel that doing business with each other is the lead for the week. To me, that’s not what a group should be about. Keep up the good work and let me know what areas of members you need filled and I will give you the best candidates that I know.”

Brandon Wright, President – Ultra Clean Companies

“I’ve worked with Craig over the past couple of years with his B2B company Networks!, and can say that he’s brought more results back to me than I have for him. I’ve never been associated with any leads group more dedicated to helping its members succeed than I have this one. Craig’s tireless efforts on educating and informing his membership with both tested avenues as well as encouraging us to venture into new arenas liked LinkedIn have been remarkable. I’d recommend Craig to anyone looking to grow their business and network. You’re the best, thanks Craig!”

Clint Paskewitz, Producer – Associated Insurance Products

“Craig is a dynamic individual that excels at the whole sales game. He is one of the most persistent people I know and does not take “no” for an answer. Craig does his homework and is always ahead of the game. He has always been professional and courteous in my dealings with him. Craig’s involvement within the business community truly shows his commitment and willingness to do whatever it takes to be the best at his craft.”

Jeremy Presley, Materials Testing and Inspection

“Craig Jamieson is an outstanding individual which I feel very fortunate to have known. Without Craig’s efforts, knowledge and determination, I can honestly say that I would not as successful as I am today. The quality of professional people which Craig has brought together through Networks!, has made the challenging economic environment sustainable and profitable. Craig’s passion and commitment towards the Networks! Group has more than exceeded my expectations. His wealth of knowledge and experience has been an excellent resource. Thank you Craig and I look forward to another great year!

Dan Cannon, Sales, Design and Management – Business Interiors of Idaho

“Craig is extremely organized and timely in communication, he believes in customer service and has put together the best leads group that I have been in. He attracts quality people and maintains our group via a CRM which is unlike any other leads group in our area that I know of. Craig is a great guy and does a great job. I would recommend you check into Networks if you are looking for a leads group with leads that are useful and productive.”

Val Welch, Business Manager – Sunwest Bank

“I have the pleasure of attending Craig’s Networks! Group every Wednesday. I am impressed with his organization and attention to detail. If you are looking to generate leads for your business then joining one of Craig’s groups is a must! Upstanding, Professional and highly recommended!”

Shawn Wiese, Business Account Manager – SEN Technologies

“Investing my company’s time and money has provided a very positive rate of return.  Our work load has increased due to project specific referrals and new contacts provided to me through the group.  Equally as important, other members have shared their business philosophies with me, netting my company continued and long term growth.  Join now and start giving and you will soon receive.  Thank you, Craig!”

Scott Stanfield – Partner – Mason & Stanfield

“It was a pleasure working with Craig during my tenure at Nimble. Always hungrily ambitious to learn more about social media and social networking, Craig is someone who *gets* it. At the end of the day, Craig is an honest guy who I trust. He’ll help you to find the best solution for your needs.”

Garick Chan, Community Builder & Digital Engagement Strategist

“Craig runs the Treasure Valley’s best leads group and networking service. He has a firm grip on the needs of social media while having the skill to apply it to the real life applications of a day to day sales person.”

Rocky Cook, Experienced Sales Manager

“I have had the opportunity to work with and support Craig over these past months. His incredible entrepreneurial ability and tireless dedication to helping others makes him the person to go to if you want results. Craig is very personable and a great asset to any professional network. His knowledge, networking ability, wide range of contacts, and understanding of the different channels of market and sales distribution are to be complimented.”

Los Silva , Executive Coaching- Learning & Development solutions for Top Corporations Internationally at Kena Hospitality-CMO

“Thanks to some simple suggestions Craig shared with me, my blog tripled its readership within one week. Craig really knows his stuff when it comes to sales and the use of sales tools. Thanks Again Craig!”

Justo Fuentes, Consumer & Business Banking at Banner Bank

“I spent over a year reviewing and visiting leads groups. I was disappointed in them as I was looking for a true hunter’s group. Not just a social gathering. Craig has mastered his craft and leads the best leads group in the valley. I am so excited to be a part of the group. As with an added bonus Craig invests hours and hours of time working on social media and is willing to help his team in any way possible. He is a fantastic guy to know and I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Scott Bramhall , Major Account Executive at XO Communications

“Craig is a searcher and sharer of useful knowledge. He is a passionate and enthusiastic networker. I have never left a meeting with Craig feeling down. He is an inspirer and a thought leader. Perhaps I should be less ambivalent next time I write a recommendation. 🙂 To put it succinctly, Craig is a valuable human being. Get to know him.”

Jacob Nordby, Author marketing coach at AuthorSuccessPlatform.com

“Meeting Craig via LinkedIn and having the opportunity to share information and help each other out with various projects has been an asset to my business. Craig is always trying out new technology sources and keeps me updated on ones he finds valuable.

Just through our interactions via LinkedIn, Twitter, email, and over the phone,(yes people still use these to communicate and I recommend doing it every so often), I know that Craig brings great knowledge and experience to his clients & networking group members. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest upfront person. He has been both those things in all our interactions.

In his own words when recommending me: “Even better, I have every confidence that he brings so much more to anybody’s professional needs!”

Jamie Lynn Morgan , Owner Jamie Lynn Morgan Marketing

“Craig is an “old school” salesperson mixed with modern tools and thinking. He blends common sense principles such as integrity, openness, relationships, etc. with a desire to learn and apply new tools. I am impressed with his eagerness to help others succeed. He genuinely cares about others and wants to see their efforts pay off.”

Justin Foster , Co-Founder/CMO of Klowd.com + Brand Strategist

“Craig is one of the most helpful and persistent people I’ve met to date in the business world. You can count on his follow through and his attention to detail. He’s a great ally and someone I’m glad is on my side and there to endorse my company and me.”

Kim Tucker, Video Producer at BrightTALK

“Craig has done a magnificent job leading the Networks! marketing group. The group has retained high caliber business leaders and has been a great source of strategic information for my business.” 

John Rimbey, Electrical Engineering Department Manager and Director of Production at HC Yu and Associates

Please feel free to contact Craig at craig@adaptive-business.com or at 208.340.9546 with any questions you may have!