Sales Hire

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We are pleased to offer a number of services related to your Sales and Marketing Departments …

Salesperson Assessments – Your most valuable asset is your salespeople. These online assessment tools are quick, easy-to-use, and cost effective. They can be used to better determine salesperson adapted and natural behavior, their personal motivations, competencies, and much much more. TTI Performance Systems offers a large number of  assessments that have been designed to meet  your specific, and growing, needs.

The resulting reports can be used in a variety of manners …

  • Pre-Hire – Choose the right employee for the job! This can also include Job Benchmarking.
  • Promotions – We want to make sure that your valued salesperson will be as equally successful in their new position!
  • Get the most out of your salesperson –  What motivates, and irritates, each individual? What is their ideal work environment?
  • More Effective Communications – Perfect for team-building!

Here is a sample report generated by our TriMetrix DNA Assessment that combines behaviors, motivators, and competencies …

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Each TTI Assessment package with a combined valued of over $150 includes a free 30-minute phone consultation where I will personally review the results with you.
This is a $97.50 value!